OS/2 Collectables Sale!

We've got a rare find of some exciting OS/2 Collectables. Most items are BRAND NEW. Great for collectors!

Can you imagine owning some genuine IBM OS/2 trade show give-aways 20 years from now? Just think how exciting it will be to have a shrink wrapped copy of OS/2 2.0, or OS/2 Key fobs, or OS/2 table covers and be able to talk about how IBM had the greatest operating system available but was out-maneuvered (perhaps illegally?) by Microsoft.

Do you know how much old political campaign buttons are worth?

Now you can snap up some really great OS/2 Collectables. With all the volatility of the stock market, this might be just the time to take some of your conventional capital gains and invest them in some computer memorabilia. Who knows? Some of these items might do better than Microsoft stock over the next 10 years!.

While we cannot promise how much these items will appreciate in value, we can promise you that they are of high quality and will certainly be appreciated by any OS/2 Enthusiast!

Own a genuine piece of Computer History!

Original OS/2 Marketing Items

Current as of 1999-05-30
Supplies are limited. First come, first served.

Photo of key fob
Item C-1: OS/2 key fob

Photo of OS/2 Lapel Pin
Item C-2: Diamond Shaped OS/2 lapel pin

Photo of Round OS/2 Lapel Pin
Item C-3: Round OS/2 Lapel Pin

Photo of Square OS/2 Lapel Pin
Item C-4: Square OS/2 Lapel Pin

Item C-5: OS/2 Table Cover

Photo of OS/2 Wall Sign
Item C-6: OS/2 Wall Sign (shoes in photo to help you appreciate the size)

Photo of IBM Wall Sign
Item C-7: IBM Wall Sign (shoes in photo to help you appreciate the size)

Item C-8: OS/2 Pen, Black with Gold trim.
Photo of OS/2 Watch
Item C-9: OS/2 Watch

Item C-10: OS/2 Luggage Tag Kit

Sorry, Sold!

Photo of 'I Want/I Have' OS/2 Pins
Item C-11: "I Want / I Have" OS/2 Pins

Original OS/2 Shirtware

Genuine OS/2 'shirtware' commissioned by IBM and used by them at marketing events, trade shows, and conferences.

Photo of OS/2 Golf Shirt
OS/2 Delivers! Golf Shirt

Photo of OS/2 Golf Shirt
OS/2 Golf Shirt

Photo of Taligent Golf Shirt
Item S-3: Taligent 'Golf' Shirt

IBM "Stealth Marketing" Golf Shirt

Original OS/2 Documentation

Photo of Personal Developer Magazine
Item D-11: Personal Developer Magazine - Spring 1990

How to Buy

You can purchase these items by one of the following methods:


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