ChipChat Sound Card for Micro Channel PS/2

New Micro Channel Sound Card Adds SoundBlaster Audio to your PC

"ChipChat gets your computer jamming!"

Breakthrough sound card combines CD quality audio and advanced Wave Table synthesis to provide stunning sound.

The ChipChat Sound Card-32 with Wave Table support fits into a short Micro Channel slot. It is designed and manufactured in the United States using state-of-the-art surface mount technology.

Introducing the ChipChat Sound Card for your Micro Channel computer. This exciting new audio card breathes new life into your micro channel computer by giving it the ability to play CD quality sounds from your favorite multimedia and entertainment programs.

The ChipChat Sound Card works with OS/2 applications, Windows applications (3.1,'95 and NT), and is SoundBlaster compatible which allows it to work with hundreds of DOS-based programs which require Sound Blaster compatibility!

Easy to Install and Use

The ChipChat Sound Card is easy to install and easy to use. You simply install the card into your computer and run the automatic configuration program. Next plug a stero headset or speakers into the "audio out" connector at the rear of the card. Then use some of the included software to add sound to your computer's operating system. It works with DOS, Windows (3.1, '95 and NT), and OS/2!

Now get ready to hear the most stunning sounds ever produced by a personal computer!

Great Fun Game Playing

The ChipChat Sound Card is hardware compatibile with PC game standards. This means that it can play games right out of the box! ChipChat has the right hardware for games including digitized voice, sound effects, advanced synthesized music, and a dual joystick port.

State-of-the-Art Music Synthesis

Synthesized music provides the background melody for most games, and is often used in multimedia presentations.

There are two methods used to synthesize music:

  1. FM
  2. Wave Table
The FM method emulates the sounds of musical instruments by doing many mathematical calculations. This is a very good method - but it's limited. Your PC can only perform so many calculations in a short amount of time. The result is a very good sound - but not as good as a real live instrument.

Wave Table is better. It's the state-of-the-art for music synthesis, and is the method of choice for the music industry.

Wave Table uses actual instrument samples stored in special memory chips on the audio card. This gives your PC a big jump in audio performance - the sounds are already there, the PC just has to 'look up the sound waves in the table', and play them out!

"Wave Table crams an entire 128-piece orchestra, including a 51 piece drum ensemble, and more into a tiny computer chip!"

Wave Table has just about everything! Piano, Bassoon, Clarinet, Banjo, Trumpet, and more. When it's time to make music, Wave Table uses the samples to faithfully reproduce the natural sounds of musical instruments.

The ChipChat Sound Card is available in two models:

  1. FM only model
  2. FM plus Wave Table model
The FM-only model can be upgraded later to Wave Table.

Perfect for Business Presentations

The ChipChat Sound Card extends beyond game playing, and is perfect for the business environment.

You can add voice annotation to your documents and create business presentations that will hold your audience 's attention and help you get your point across.

You can use sound for effective desktop training.

Digital Sound Recording Studio

The ChipChat Sound Card turns your PC into a recording studio. You can plug a microphone directly into the card and record live audio. You can also record sound directly from a TV, VCR, CD player, cassette deck, and even from a shortwave receiver, and store these sounds on your PC.

You can playback speach, music, special effects, or any sounds you recorded. An easy-to-use audio mixer allows you to independently adjust the volume of all your audio sources.

Robust & Reliable

This product was designed by engineers with extensive micro channel and multimedia experience. It uses the latest technology to give you the finest possilble product at a very competitive price. It's manufacturered with state-of-the-art production equipment in the USA. And it's been subjected to the most rigorous tests to guarantee a solid and exceptional product.

Check out the technical specifications.

BIg Sounds! Low Price!

It's a great product! At a terrific price! By using state-of-the-art manufacturing we can offer the ChipChat Sound Card for:

ChipChat Sound-16 Product #12316 ...$129.

ChipChat Sound-32 (with WaveTable) Product #12332 ...$159.

See for yourself . . . complete risk free:

The ChipChat Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with this product for any reason. If it isn't everything we say it is and more, then return it within 30 days for a prompt, cheerful refund!

Order today and get and bring your micro channel computer into the multimedia age!

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